Mayor Boback Cleared of Road Rage Complaint


Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dennis Boback was the subject of a complaint filed with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) regarding an accusation by Dan Wynne of Palm Beach Gardens, who stated the Mayor attempted to run him over with his car near the Red Coconut RV Park on Sunday, May 28th, on the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Following a brief interview with Mayor Boback, the LCSO dismissed the complaint stating in the LCSO report that the investigator was “unable at this time to show criminal intent of a crime occurred.”

“This is a very simple matter,” the Mayor told The Island Sand Paper. “If the people at the Red Coconut had not told the gentleman in question I am the Mayor of Fort Myers Beach, this would be a non-issue, but he saw this as an opportunity for his two minutes of fame. I spoke with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office over this for about ten minutes, and they determined there was no evidence against me and closed the case.”

Wynne told the LCSO that he was returning to the Red Coconut RV Park that Sunday morning, about 10:10am with his dogs when a car driving at “excessive speed of 45 mph” came toward him, forcing him and his dogs to jump out of the way. He claimed the driver yelled at him. A Red Coconut employee later identified Boback as the driver to Wynne and the LCSO. According to the LCSO report, Pam Eaton of the Red Coconut told the LCSO that the driver “was beeping and screaming profanity as he went fast around the gentleman…almost hitting him and his dogs.” The call to the LCSO was made at about 2:07pm, nearly 4 hours after the incident. The LCSO report notes that Wynne told the deputy that he didn’t want to file the report until he was told who the driver was, then insisted on documenting the report.

Mayor Boback said the man was “walking down the middle of the street, coming right at me, with two dogs on about 10-foot-long leashes, as well as carrying beach chairs and a long fishing poll, and all that was interfering with the road, so I blew my horn to have him move out of the way. The only words I uttered were obviously for him to move, and I was on my way. I am not sure he could even hear what I said, as my car window was up. He accused me of going at least 45 miles-per-hour or faster, and that is ridiculous, as I was driving closer to around 20 miles-per-hour.”


Gary Mooney