Makes No Sense


I am writing in response to a letter published in last week’s edition (Island Sand Paper, August 4, 2017) written by Leon Moyer, “Cause for Alarm.” It’s hard for me to follow his logic regarding the federal definition of harassment and how it will “prohibit county employees from verbally sharing their religious views and beliefs while working.” The definition he provided certainly doesn’t prohibit individuals from private conversations with co-workers regarding any mutually consenting conversations. It does not, however, allow unsolicited remarks regarding volatile topics, as well it should not.

An employee is theoretically hired to perform a function and that should be the focus first and foremost anyway. I’d like to point out that the policy adopted by the county also protects him (Leon Moyer) from unwanted discussions from “those on the left” regarding their “liberal social agenda and beliefs.” And lastly, I really don’t understand how this policy could lead to “ministers not being allowed to preach against sexual immorality and sin.” That makes no sense at all.

It seems to me that the policy is saying to treat others with respect and as you would have them treat you. That’s it. I’m wondering what took them so long to adopt this policy.

All of the negativity and anger I sense in that letter is unfortunate. If both sides would show each other some respect and understand that just because we have some beliefs that differ from each other, there are so many more things we share in common. We are all on the same team. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a disaster like 9/11 to remind us that we are ultimately brothers and sisters.


Carolynn George
Fort Myers