Make A Difference – Volunteer For an Advisory Committee


Want to make a real difference in your community? Serve on one the Town of Fort Myers Beach’s eight advisory committees. These groups normally meet once a month and make recommendations to Town Council on everything from the Mound House to environmental issues. Those appointed by Council serve two-year terms, after which they can seek re-appointment. There are no term limits on advisory committees. Since Council makes those appointments at their first meeting in October, the Town is currently seeking applications from those who want to serve, but time is running short, as applications are due by Wednesday, September 21st.

Administrative Specialist Taylor Matuska told us that current members of advisory committees had until September 1st to notify the Town Clerk of their interest in re-appointment. Now the Town wants to hear from anyone who is not yet on a committee but would like to be appointed to one.

“Town Council encourages islanders to get involved and welcomes new insight and fresh ideas. Areas of consideration for the various committees and boards include the Matanzas Harbor Mooring Field, Bay Oaks Recreational Campus, Mound House, Community Resources and Public Safety. Our advisory committees also seek to enhance the quality of life on Fort Myers Beach by creating a vision for our community, promoting stewardship of our marine community and furthering the welfare of islanders by helping to promote a better, more positive community environment and to ensure that the unique, natural characteristics of the island are preserved.

“There are twenty-seven seats collectively on the various committees and boards available, so if you’re thinking about getting involved in our Town, please submit a letter of interest with a brief summary of qualifications and a little about yourself to the Town Council in care of the Town Clerk, on or before Wednesday September 21, 2016 for consideration at the October 3, 2016 Town Council Meeting. Please indicate on which committee you are most interested in serving.”

The eight advisory committees are: Anchorage Advisory Committee, Audit Committee, Bay Oaks Recreation Campus Advisory Board, Community Resources Advisory Board, Cultural and Environmental Learning Center Advisory Board, Local Planning Agency, Marine Resources Task Force and Public Safety Committee.

For more information visit the Town’s website at or inquire at the Town Clerk’s office, (239) 765-0202.


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