Lynn Hall Beach Access


Work to Be Complete In April

With a major dune walkover clash continuing to create a community stir  at the south end of Fort Myers Beach, work is well underway on another set of dune walkovers, in Lee County’s Lynn Hall Memorial Park, right in the heart of tourist season!

As of this week, three of the four beach access points are closed for construction. The furthest west/north access is complete and the only one open.

“This project includes work to raise and improve the Dune Walkovers from Lynn Hall Memorial Park,” said Tim Engstrom, the Lee County spokesperson in an email statement. “Work is complete on Access ‘A,’ the one farthest north of the pier. It provides beach access for equipment and emergency vehicles as well as pedestrians. Nearest the pier, the Dune Walkover will provide an 8-foot-wide accessible ramp with a shower/foot shower platform for patrons entering and exiting the pier and going to and from the beach.

“The other walkovers to be constructed are in the middle of the park and provide a 6-foot-wide accessible ramp with shower/foot shower platforms for patrons maneuvering from the bathroom and parking lot, to and from the beach. The walkovers are being raised to match dune elevations to provide more efficient access for people crossing them. The design and construction of the project is budgeted at $585,540 and that will be paid through Tourist Development Tax dollars. It is scheduled to be complete in April, weather permitting.”

Access A, the furthest north/west in the park, is open to the beach. Photos by M. Layfield.

While the Lynn Hall Dune Walkover project is eliciting questions and comments from Fort Myers Beach residents and guests who enter the beach near Times Square, the work is drawing the attention of two Town Council members and not in a good way! At their February 18 Meeting, Council member Rexann Hosafros noted, “I am receiving a lot of complaints….I understand it is necessary but to leave Times Square and get to the adjacent parking lot and restrooms, you must go around the parking lot ropes and wavy wall and that creates a dangerous situation. We don’t want people in the construction zone, so perhaps they could build steps over the wavy wall and ropes.”

“I agree,” added Mayor Anita Cereceda. “There are people who are climbing all over the fencing that is in place.”

A detour to the lone Lynn Hall beach access point is posted directing people to a sidewalk break in the wavy wall in front of Kilwin’s, but signage is small and scarce. Beach visitors are encouraged to use the north/west walkway between Lynn Hall Park and the beach or use Crescent Beach Park.