Love FMB, but…


I want to start off saying we love FMB. You have a jewel that we dream of all winter long. (Until a few years ago) To us, it seems like things have really gone downhill. We have spent A LOT of money in your town over the past 15 years. And I am not the only bread and butter customer that has noticed the decrease in cleanliness in the area. We fish early every morning off the pier and it looks like a homeless camp. They allow the night people fishing and drugging to ruin it, trash everywhere, fish guts rotting on the railing and even human waste. I feel sorry for the guy that comes out and slightly cleans. I will not let my family use the restrooms on the beach North of pier. Absolutely disgusting after 3:00 pm!

We are not prudes, but the traffic, fights on the beach, times square brawls at night and the drug use we have seen, does not want us to come back. We spend huge amount of money on your hotels, restaurants, bars, gift shops, bait shops, boat rentals and water sports.

If you want people coming back, clean and repaint times square add more security at night, scrub the pier daily arrest the drug users, replace the white plastic boards every few years, hire a company to clean public restrooms hourly, rake the beach when there is an abundance of weeds, more trolleys to get over bridge, add water taxis. These are not outrageous requests and not that much money.

Last thought: TPI-FMB looks awesome, just way way to many rooms. Where are those 1000 extra cars going to park? Good luck!


Tom Bekins

Editor’s note:  The pier & Lynn Hall Park are Lee County Park facilities. For concerns about either contact The approved TPI-FMB resort has 254 rooms and parking for 371 vehicles.