Long-Term View?


I am back in my northern home and in the summer road construction is present. A main street east-west artery near our home is open for traffic. This is good since the other two main east-west arteries are closed for roundabout construction. The city is also putting in new storm water sewer conduit, similar to Estero Boulevard.

But wait, the street is still open and not torn up, how can this be? The sewers are being installed below the 8′ sidewalk on the one side of the street that we have sidewalks. If they ever need repaired, the sidewalk can be dug up, and the street will remain open as it is now. 

Estero Blvd reFRESH Segment 1 had 9′ wide sidewalks, on both sides. In Segment 2, a diagram shows a 13.5′ width, on both sides of Estero Blvd. Where is everything being buried for future repair, replacement, or excavation? 

I have searched the refreshfmbeach.com website, and cannot find the answer. I see the main storm drain down the middle, but what about everything else? If one of the things being buried during this project is buried under the travel lane, then the Blvd would have to be dug up to repair it. I hope that everything else is being placed under the 13.5′ width on either side.

Please tell me that when my Grandchildren inherit my condo, they will not have to go through having Estero Blvd torn up needlessly. Is the county taking the long term view? 

Thank you. 

David Halsema
Fort Myers Beach

Editor’s Note: The Segment 2 diagram that we find on refreshfmbeach.com shows a 6-foot sidewalk, a narrow green space and a 5-foot bike lane on each side of the roadway.