Local Residents Attend Inauguration


InaugurationA group of us flew out Thursday to Celebrate our great democracy.  Most

were from Century 21 Tripower Realty, Judy Haataja, Trish Hickey, Deborah Groll, Kathy Young, Rachael Rose-Danzi along with them Al DePaolo, Frank DePaolo, Susan DePaolo, Peter and Kathy Grandonico and Christof.

There were 11 of us. We stayed in Annapolis and took the metro to DC. Thursday night was the outside concert with Toby Keith and the First Family was present. It was defiantly a movement and an honor to be in attendance.

InaugurationIt was standing room only. We arrived Friday morning at 5:45 am and had a remarkable sunrise over the Capital Building. And the next several hours were thrilling. The transition was beautiful and very prideful to have so many ex presidents and vice presidents in attendance. So much history and tradition in this city. We all felt blessed to be there and look forward to the next part of this journey.


Deborah Groll
Fort Myers Beach