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The Book Artist: A Hugo Marston Novel (M PRY) The setting of this mystery is the Dali Art Gallery, built on the heights of Montmartre, Paris, France. The artist showing in the exhibition space creates sculptures constructed entirely of books. The lead character, Hugo Marston, is in charge of the American Embassy’s Security Force. Marston happens to attend the opening night not knowing his investigative expertise will be required. Put on your detective hat; this is suspense mystery fiction! Author Mark Pryor’s eighth novel in the Hugo Marston series can be read interdependently from the first seven novels.

The Light Brigade (HUR) is a science-fiction, fantasy-thriller for warriors. The ever-present battle of terrorism versus intelligence creates an interspace warfare battle to the death. The loss of humanity is in question when warriors turn into beings made of pure light as a strategy to conquer the celestial Mars. Futurist author Kameron Hurley is gearing up to publish two more books this year.Cameron-Hurley-the-Light-Brigade

Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee (TRUE CRIME MURDER) is a story within a backstory. Some may not be aware that Nelle Harper Lee helped Truman Capote research the true crime classic, In Cold Blood. Over a decade after the success of the American literary classic, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee, a native of Alabama, attended the deep-south courtroom trial of an assassin vigilante. The victim, a greedy insurance fraud serial-killer preacher, inspired the drama due to years of cheating the law and the sixth commandment. Author and Historian, Casey Cep is a Harvard English Major and an Oxford theologian philosopher.Furious-Hours---Casey-Cep

The Road to Walden: Twelve Life Lessons from a Sojourn to Thoreau’s Cabin  New Large Print (818.309 DAN). Inspired by Thoreau, author Kevin Dann completes the seventy-hour walk, a two hundred mile journey from the borough of Manhattan to Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. His pilgrimage is inspired by self-realization, self-help and his quest of historic non-conformity. The chapters align with the twelve life lessons; the first four are titled Awake, Speak, Dance and Create. The autobiography is a romantic work for those who seek some version of transcendence.The-Road-to-Walden-Library-treasures

The Hug (JE MCL) is two children’s stories read either right-side-up from front to middle or upside down back to the middle. Both joyous conclusions meet in the center when two desperately sad hug seekers hug it all out! A story with a light-hearted approach to a tale as old as time, a split book that illustrates seeking and being denied, yet ultimately finding a perfect match. In The Hug, author Eoin McLaughlin and artist Polly Dunbar teach that life’s priceless gifts store the potential for heartfelt reward. The experience of shared reading creates a social skill bond that demonstrates multiple values. Children enjoy becoming involved in the process of reading a book and the split book device is amusing to both adult and child.The-Hug-Library-treasures

All In: Book Two of the Bridgeport Social Club Series (GF GRA). Bridgeport, Ohio is an actual village and the setting for author Shelly Shepard Gray’s fictional romance. The main hometown characters are a crime victim businesswoman and a single father. Join Meredith and Ace in their blended family, healing love-story experiences.All-In-Shelley-Shepard-Gray

Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse, (SOCIAL SCIENCE CARNEY) is an introspective book that calls for community action. Thoughts regarding the necessity of American houses of worship and their essential close-knit communities are explored. Various civil society problems and solutions are examined. Research is presented on the economic effects of the social conditions enveloping our contemporary culture. Author Timothy Carney reports on the decline of American hallmarks of social capital such as volunteerism and job training. Some readers may consider this book a call to action. What can your community do for you? What can you do for your community? Try both!Alienated-America-Library-Treasures

Thirty-One Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World New Large Print (613.25 ROB). Defining your daily food as your nutrient fuel inspires healthy success. If you are interested in learning about cooking a variety of natural foods for a quick start nutrition kick or really crave a new fresh diet, Ocean Robbins’s instructive book will be your guide for the month of your choice. You will be navigated through a thirty-one-day challenge to experience healthy eating’s happy healing habits.31-Day-Food-Revolution-Library-treasures

South Florida and the Keys Road Trip: Miami, Walt Disney World, Tampa and the Everglades (FLORIDA TRAVEL FERGUSON). The where, when and the before you go tips and tricks of Florida travel. This book highlights both the Sun Coast and the Gold Coast of fabulous South Florida. Author and Florida native Jason Ferguson even writes about the sixty-one years young, Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival! South-Florida-and-the-Keys-Road-Trip---Library-Treasures

 Also new in the Fort Myers Beach Library is a suitcase full of 2019 Fodor’s Travel guidebooks! Alaska, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Hawaii, National Parks of the American West, New England, Spain: there are twenty-eight new 2019 travel books available for a two-week loan.

 The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene (NATURE LEWIS). This text researches and cross-examines humankind as a force of nature on Earth’s current and possibly future planetary conditions. Authors Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin excavate questions and solutions from the fields of science, philosophy and politics. Explore how civilization has branched out and into Earth’s geological record.The-Human-Planet-Library-treasures

Call Me American: A Memoir (921 IFT) is a survival biography describing the experience of one of life’s great joys, loving a country and achieving citizenship. The American visa lottery was a long-awaited precious gift of pure heartfelt love for author Abdi Nor Iftin. This writer has traveled a mighty long way, from teaching himself English in Mogadishu, Somalia all the way to calling the United States, home sweet home. When civil war is real and asylum equals life, autobiographies like this shed light on essential qualities that are so deeply and dearly loved about our America.Call-Me-American-Library-treasures


By Fort Myers Beach Library Staff