Library treasures


All the Wrong Places

by Joy Fielding 

Do you consider online dating too risky? In this suspenseful new story, you would be correct. This is lust for love and fulfillment combined with a handsome charming serial killer. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is, all of it, all of it can go terribly wrong. This psychological, romantic, mystery thriller will leave you craving cozy security and less technological risk in your love life. (M FIE)


The A List: An Ali Reynolds Mystery Book 14

by J.A. Jance

Who tattoos a kill list on their arm? This is an appropriate mark for a locked-up-for-life ruthless, vengeful villain. This new thriller’s title comes from that very tattoo, a very personal annihilation list. The Library collection has all fourteen of the Ali Reynolds Mysteries available for check out. The A List is the most current edition. (LP M JAN and M JAN)


The Kingdom of Copper

by S. A. Chakraborty

This is the second fantasy adventure fiction in the Daevabad Trilogy. Visit an enchanting, mythical, magical kingdom of heroines and assassins navigating the super-powered elements of fire and water. Forces of blood, fate and fear conspire and challenge all those that enter the realm of Daevabad. The trilogy is a series in progress; you may want to start with Chakraborty’s, highly acclaimed, City of Brass. (CHA)


City of Girls

by Elizabeth Gilbert

A romantic novel of historical fiction illustrates a life well-lived, despite the odds. The author’s moral of the memoir is inspiring. “You don’t have to be a good girl to be a good person.” Imagine the feeling of being cast out of college in 1940’s New York. Young and wild, though not free of the double-edged burdens, perception and opinion. The newest work of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” takes you there. (GIL)


Unforgettable You

by Brenda Novak

This is the tale of two romances for one couple, past and present. One tragedy rips them apart and one blessing, their darling child, rekindles their love. Passion, compassion, forgiveness and healing are all here in the fifth love story of the Silver Springs Series. (NOV and LP NOV)


Lessons from Lucy: Simple Joys From an Old Happy Dog

by Dave Barry

A self-described dog person, Dave Barry is also a Pulitzer Prize of Commentary winner for his work on relevant topics viewed through his humorous lens. There are eight lessons from his affectionate dog, Lucy. Dave’s furry friend leads you on a funny path to understanding life through the eyes of man’s best friend. The Library shares over sixty books, audio books and DVDs by this author. (FLORIDA HUMOR BARRY) 


The Atlas of Happiness: The Global Secrets of How to be Happy

by Helen Russell

How do you and your loved ones experience enjoyment? Learn some of the international languages and histories of happy. Thirty sweet chapters, thirty amazing countries, thirty insightful viewpoints bring you full-circle around the globe. The Atlas is a bright, chunky, colorful book, researched and written by the journalist Helen Russell.  You may want to try some of these worldwide tips, tricks and thoughtful strategies. Come to the Library and learn about Costa Rica’s pura vida, or New Zealand’s Haka, which demonstrates the powerful strength of unity. (Personal Growth RUSSELL)


Seashells: More Than a Home

by Melissa Stewart

Young and old, beachcomber or conchologists, all will be greatly interested in reading this beautifully illustrated book, presenting the science of shells and their protected mollusks. Artist Sarah S. Brannen researched and painted many of the seashells throughout the book right here on Captiva Island, Southwest Florida. You will more than likely recognize many of these gifts from the sea. (NATURAL ANIMALS SEALIFE STEWART)


Sea Stories: My Life in Special Operations

by Admiral William McRaven

Enjoy the insider autobiography of a decorated American Admiral. His insights are rich with multiple highpoints of military history. Every chapter, every adventure is filled with detailed information and poignant opinions describing Saddam, Osama, Somali pirates and more. (MILITARY HISTORY PEOPLE MCRAVEN)


Madame Fourcade’s Secret War: The Daring Young Woman Who Led France’s Largest Spy Network Against Hitler 

by Lynne Olson

Marie-Madeleine Fourcade’s powerhouse of political stealth combined with nerves of steel is a highlight of French history, beginning in 1936. Thirty-two chapters illustrate her phenomenal spirit and intense strength of secret Nazi resistance leadership. An introduction with an illuminating list of over forty notable participants is helpfully descriptive. The bibliography is extensive and includes Madame Fourcade’s very own autobiography, Noah’s Ark: A Memoir of Resistance. (MILITARY HISTORY WWII OLSON)