Library Treasures


An Absolutely Remarkable Thing (GRE) is the story of a young woman navigating social media’s delirious brand of fame. Author Hank Green has earned his insider knowledge as a successful YouTube educational content video entrepreneur. The story is set in contemporary New York City with a young protagonist that has stumbled head first into the instant global notoriety that only the World Wide Web can claim. The mysterious sci-fi monstrosities she videotapes have the internet abuzz and the mega spotlight is directly on her. Fortune favors her fifteen minutes of fame although you get to decide if any of it was worth not waiting for.

Time’s Convert (HAR) by bestselling author Deborah Harkness. For a Puritan on the American Revolution’s battlefield, an offer of immortality is too good to pass up. As it turns out liberty and equality are not high on the list of attributes for a successful vampire. Centuries and continents fly by and yet another mere mortal in Paris, France seeks eternal life. Love ignites for the two vampire protagonists as the same revolutionary concepts from antiquity are still worthy of living and fighting for… just not dying for. Thank goodness for everlasting life.

button man, library treasuresButton Man (M GRO) by Andrew Gross is a historical fiction thriller set in New York City’s rough and tumble Lower East Side early garment industry. Two young fatherless brothers set out to support their family. This tale of fiction is based on the true life of his successful and heroic grandfather who built the Leslie Faye Corporation, survived the mob, and had the scars to prove it. When author Andrew Gross researched Button Man he was able to hear his grandfather’s voice recount his first hand experiences, on a historical audio tape in a scholarly archive.

the siners, fort myers beach, library treasuresThe Sinners (M ATK and LARGE PRINT  M ATK) is the eighth Quinn Colson Novel by detective and mystery fiction author Ace Atkins. The protagonist is a county sheriff that must stand up to violence for the safety of others; all the while he has a target on his own back. The danger thrill is cartel drug runs and a newly released prisoner that has vendetta issues.

Fade to Black: A Doug Brock Thriller (New Mystery Fiction M ROS and Large Print M ROS) is the second in the series written by David Rosenfelt. Fade to Black is the sequel to his book Blackout (Mystery Fiction – M NAN). The lead character is a New Jersey state police officer named Doug Brock. He is still recovering from amnesia, a work related violent injury, as he reopens a cold case that is strangely familiar in ways that inspire him to regain his lost memory.

Cold Bayou (HAM) is the sixteenth book in The Benjamin January Historical Mystery Series by author Barbara Hambly. A free man of color, a doctor living in New Orleans during America’s slave trade peak, is accused of a murder he did not commit. This is Benjamin January’s plight.

Florida’s Living Beaches: A Guide to the Curious Beachcomber (Florida Animals Shells Witherington) concentrates on Florida with over 700 miles of beaches to explore and investigate. This is designed for those curious to know all the details. This is the second edition of the comprehensive guide, revised and updated with over 1800 full-color photographs, and maps. The chapters are titled, Beach Features, Beach Animals, Beach Plants, Beach Minerals and Hand of Man. This book is a gold mine of information for Florida beach lovers.

The Fourth Age:  Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity, (SCIENCE  REESE) written by Byron Reese describes the power and possibility of artificial Intelligence and robotics. These recent and future technologies will form new paths throughout the world we share. Reese examines past technological advancements and transformations to explain the impact of new tech. Language; spoken and written, fire, agriculture, and the amazing wheel helped to form human kind as we know it. The author writes about how we may experience progress, free will and consciousness in our future world.

When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, (PSYCHOLOGY PINK) Is perfect timing a science or an art? How many people do you know that are often racing the clock? Author Daniel H. Pink explains how you can make your time budget work for you. He explains it may be possible to train yourself to recognize and implement the scientific benefits of perfect timing.

Catch My Breath: Walt Disney Animation Studios Artist Showcase (JE BRI) Written and illustrated by Paul Briggs, who was responsible for the artistry in Disney’s Frozen and Big Hero Six. This Children’s book is an adorable and silly book about a boy imagining his breath as an entity of its own. Plenty of punny puns, light hearted seek and finds and an inspiring author’s note highlighting ideas and the power of imagination.

A Dog with Nice Ears (JE CHI) is exuberantly written and boldly illustrated by Lauren Child. The desire of wanting a pet is one of the cozy joyful experiences of human nature. Who doesn’t want a dog with nice ears? Let the children’s potential new dog debate begin; with a surprise ending please! Lavish with mixed-media’s artistic vitality; extremely childlike and joyful; this book is fun for the child and adult alike.


By Dr. Leroy Hommerding