Library Treasures


A Forgotten Place (New Books M TODD) by the mother and son writing duo Caroline and Charles Todd is the tenth book in the Bess Crawford Mystery Series. The rocky coastal Headlands of Wales is the setting for the latest edition of this Post World War One, historical fiction saga. Protagonist Bess must sleuth out the perfect clue trail to leash a mysterious fugitive serial killer.

The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain (Large Print & Regular, New Book CHA) is a present-future novel with potentially lifesaving time travel. Nothing can transcend pain and suffering more than the power of a parent’s love. With an unborn patient in North Carolina’s Chapel Hill life saving measures must be created by a trip to visit and learn from future medical miracles.

Joanne Fluke is the author of the well-known Hannah Swenson Murder Mystery Series. Christmas Cake Murder (New Book Large Print M FLU) is the prequel to her series. All the better, because it is Christmas time in Lake Eden, Minnesota, a small town that shares home baking recipes for a publishing recipe project.

If you are hungry for previously unknown details, this is the story behind the story.

Winter in Paradise (New Book Fiction HIL) by Elin Hilderbrand introduces you to characters with secret lives, love rivals and mystery on the lush Caribbean island of Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands. This novel will grab you with its cliff hanger style of sequel writing. This is book number one so place a hold on this title and you can have a first class seat on this adventurous series.

Author Rob Jovanovic is the author of seven musician biographies. George Michael the Biography 1963-2016 (BIO MICHAEL) is the new updated death memorial version of his 2008 edition. A great deal of the information is directly from and granted by George Michael himself. George Michael’s life influences are covered well, his deep relationships, media scandals and private home life are revealed.

The Widower’s Notebook:  A Memoir (New Book BIO SANTOFER) by Jonathan Santofer is a writer with fortitude and familial love without bounds. To lose your spouse on a fateful day in Bellevue hospital on the Island of Manhattan would be an unbearably isolating experience for anyone. That day Jonathan Santofer lost joy, he lost his Joy Santofer. He lived on by journaling about her loss for two years. This story is not just an autobiography of one person it is the biography of two lives together, built and invested by great love.

Dancing Fish and Ammonites:  A Memoir (BIO LIVELY) Dame Penelope Lively’s five decade writing career has been documented in autobiography. She writes of her most valuable life experiences. If you enjoy writer’s writing about writing look into this one. See the world through her perspective and be inspired by the tales of a great storyteller.

Wanna Bet:  A Degenerate Gambler’s Guide to Living on the Edge (BIO LANGE) is written by Artie Lange and Anthony Bozza. Artie Lange, New Jersey’s native son and wild gambler shares his brutally honest story, his risk inspired life, in his own words “on the edge.” This book like the author avoids boredom at any cost. Check this book out to enjoy the experience without the risk.

Pete Townshend’s Classic Quadrophenia (781.66 TOW) A new spin on a rock and roll classic, The Who’s 1973 opera is now performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The new rendition is performed by Pete Townshend, Billy Idol, Phil Daniels (original film star in the original silver screen version of Quadrophenia) and tenor Alfie Boe.

The newest full orchestral score was written by Rachel Fuller and lead by conductor Robert Ziegler. There is also a supplemental Pete Townshend’s Classic Quadrophenia DVD (DVDS 781.66) this has behind the scenes creative process interviews and video.

The Piano Guys present, Wonders, their new Deluxe Edition in our CD collection under (781.64 PIA) and in our DVD collection (781.64 PIA).

The DVD includes 6 musical videos and the CD, twelve songs. The Piano Guys have a life mission to bring great uplifting music to everyone in the world.

CatStronaughts: Space Station Situation (J-GRAPHICS NOVELS CATSTRONAUGHTS) by author/artist Drew Brockington is the 3rd book in the problem solving CatStronauts Series.

The comic book style or graphic novel type reading is fun, easy and artistic because the imaginary world is designed with humor for the reader.

A Perfect Day for an Albatross (J-NATURE ANIMALS BIRDS LOEBELFRIED) is by artist/author Caren Loebel-Fried, she is inspired daily by the Hawaiian Rainforest she calls home. She studied the life of the Albatross in its natural environment on a remote US Minor Outlying Island called Midway. (Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and Battle of Midway National Memorial) This book is for seabird and art lovers of all ages.

Her hand carved block prints that accompany her writing are colorful, bold and bright. Her descriptive educational text is written in the style of an Albatross’s moment by moment diary.


By Dr. Leroy Hommerding
Beach Library Director