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Running (New Fiction HOF) by Cara Hoffman is the story of the tender human side of life’s criminal outsiders. The story takes place in Athens Greece where the “runners” are individuals who entrap tourists from buses and trains and persuade them to stay at hotels/brothels in order to get a kick back from the establishments in order to survive. With so many problems and issues, running is often their only option and morphs into an ingrained way of life. Expect a story that moves you in both positive and negative ways.

beach house reunion, fort myers beach book revueBeach House Reunion (New Fiction – MON) is the fifth book in author Mary Alice Monroe’s Beach House Series. Discovering life’s purpose requires knowing when to honor traditions and when to let go of that which no longer serves properly. Having to decide between the historic family home in Charleston, South Carolina and the beach house on the Isle of Palms creates complex introspection and forges pathways to new traditions.

the river house, book review, fort myers beach libraryThe River House by Carla Neggers (New Fiction NEG also, New Large Print Fiction NEG) is a contemporary romance novel inspired by the human desire to create the comforts of life. The day to day pleasures of settling down in a cozy family home on the banks of a charming river town is the idyllic setting for this story. Party planning proves to be an awesome career choice for many meets and greets and to rekindle past love. Author Carla Neggers’s picturesque backdrop of the quintessential small town, Swift River Valley is the perfect natural setting.

the broken road, fort myers beach library, book revueThe Broken Road written and read by Richard Paul Evans is available in New Audio Fiction (EVA). Chicago is the metropolis where the USA’s famous eight state, Route 66 begins. Author Richard Paul Evans rediscovers and records a mythical protaganist’s relationship to this legendary road. Why would a successful business man fake his death and choose to walk a two thousand plus mile road? Pick up this audio at the library and find out along the way. A six hour storytime is in store with accompaniment by the very relaxing and enchanting voice of the in the midst of winter, fotr myers beach, book revueauthor.

In the ten hour Audio Book, In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende a New Audio (ALL) the characters are at times read by three narrators instead of one. A reflection on the limitations of facing a lone old age in a Brooklyn neighborhood creates a story of introspection and an analysis of how solitary lives are experienced. Winter’s bitterness and cold force the characters to create more restrictive solitary defenses. It takes extreme and unexpected weather to bring the characters together into an inner circle of kindness, warmth and even love.

calypso, book revue, fort myers beach libraryCalypso Print Book (BIO SEDARIS) and a  Playaway Audiobook (921 SED) by David Sedaris is a personal memoir documenting the high and lows of a large family of adult siblings embracing or possibly just facing middle age. His siblings and parents are both warm and practical, whether they are being pulled together or pulled apart. The wonderment and unsolved mysteries of familial tragedy combined with reflective deadpan humor pull you into his life story. If you choose to try the Playaway format to enjoy this story you will be treated to David Sedaris’ endearing tones with his character voice impressions and colloquialisms. David’s biographical unabridged story time plays for almost 7 hours. There are ten books written by David Sedaris in the Beach Library collection, all available for check out.

Chod Area Historical and Present by Josef Nejdl (New Adult Nonfiction) Travel Europe Czech) This full color photographic travel book was a gift from the Czech Republic ambassadors that visited Fort Myers Beach in February 2018. The text is written in three languages Czech, English and German. The historical maps and many colorful images reflect the richness of Bohemia past and present. Come visit the library and be the first person to check out this amazing story.

Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. (New Large Print Nonfiction – 973.309 WOO and New Adult Nonfiction – US History Revolution Wood) is Gordon S. Wood’s latest book, a double biography for true American Revolution history lovers. The book includes 20 images of rare early American paintings, mostly portraiture. Wood compares and contrasts their upbringing, political views and leadership styles. Together they founded a deep comradery while forming a young nation and creating The Declaration of Independence.

tiny life in a puddle, fort myers beach, library. book revueTiny Life in a Puddle (J-Nature Animals Early) by Bobbi Early is a young child’s introduction to microscopic aquatic life and a timely educational reminder about water quality. Water is teeming with many varieties of active protist (microorganism) life forms. The book includes a revealing collection of ten microscopic color photographs that allows us to examine some of these unfamiliar creatures such as bacteria, amoebas, diatoms and algae. This is a practical way for children to understand why some water is good everyday science experiments, fort myers beach library, book revuequality and some water is unsafe.

Everyday Science Experiments in the Backyard (J-Science Hartzog) by John Daniel Hartzog is about discovering the wonder of science in your own habitat. The methods introduced help children find new interests in familiar places. There are eight activities and inspiration for future insights. Have you ever tried “going on” a micro hike? Are you curious as to why the sky is blue? One of the activities teaches a fun way to identify tree names by leaf and bark. This is a practical way to introduce observation and the collection of knowledge through research.


By Dr Leroy Hommerding
Beach Library Director