Library Treasures


The Relive Box and Other Stories (BOY) is an anthology of twelve fictional short stories from the award winning bestselling author T.C. Boyle. If you had a Relive Box what would you do with it? What would you relive? The fictional advertisements in the story encourage customers to relive innocent love and innocence lost. If that story is all too emotional… there are eleven more stories, so read the Five Pound Burrito first.

The Reluctant Queen (DUR) is Sarah Beth Durst’s sequel to The Queen of Blood. Renthia is a fantasyland where deadly nature spirits endanger human inhabitants. The Renthian Queen, Daleina has the ability to overcome these elements of danger. Queen Daleina does have a secret and this just may jeopardize all.

Second Chance Girl (MAL) is part of Susan Mallery’s Happily Inc. Series. Happily Inc. is a fictional wedding destination town, with a time honored legend of happy brides. A small incorporated town by the California desert is this story’s setting for love, broken hearts and mending fences.

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. (STE) by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland is a fantasy fiction thriller based on the rise of industry and technology. Ever since the English Industrial Revolution, magical powers and occurrences have hit an all-time low. Time marches on with or without enchantments, yet cyberspace emerges to bring the magic back.

Facts and Fears; Hard Truths about Life in Intelligence written by James R. Clapper, the fourth Director of National Intelligence (Politics, Foreign Relations, Spies, Clapper) is a firsthand view of the strategies dealing with truth and fear in our ever changing global cyber world. Clapper shares his insider viewpoints with the citizens he has served. His mission and service is our American Democracy; he writes to manage ever forming fear and to inform with facts.

Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed, by Daniel McGinn (Personal Growth, McGinn) is a science based self-help book. McGinn shares how to prepare yourself for the pep talks life may require. Motivational language and actually feeling the feelings that accompany success are two of the scientific pathways McGinn’s presents.

Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World by Max Lucado (Religion, Christianity, Lucado) focuses on solutions for discovering and claiming your own God given and blessed sanctuary of calm. Lucado does not shy away from the fact that we are often presented with far too much chaos to bear. In the way smiles have power to energize a room; the power of God’s thanksgiving is a potential force that wants to brighten and lighten our daily life.

Secret Marvels of the World: 360 Extraordinary Places You Never Knew Existed and How to Find Them (Travel, Secret) is published by Lonely Planet. Eccentric curiosities for the travelling adventurous types who may be interested in visiting micro nations, catacombs, cliffs, caves and coral castles.

Many of these rare unique oddities are presented in full color photos, so this is perfect for the armchair traveler too.

The whole is greater than the sum of their parts. This quote by Aristotle gives you just a taste of Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart by journalist Shane Snow.

Snow tells tales that give evidence that working together gets things done. If you are interested in activating successful alliances and enjoy reading real-life experiences, this book has insights, old and new. Innovation comes from our differences, and ideas get better when we challenge each other. One might easily wish that all would digest this Dream Teams.

Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson (JE MAT) is the interactive life cycle of seeds to flowers and back to seed again and geared for 4 to 8 year olds. The last page describes how to plant zinnias, one of the easiest summer flowers to grow.

Graphics are bright, words are large and the child is introduced to the glory of life.

I GOT IT! (JE WIE) Is a visual story that describes the emotion of, having it! David Weisner, three-time Caldecott medalist, is a master of wordless storytelling. The awesome and powerful feeling of being on a winning team is illustrated. In these images you feel the feeling of having everyone on your side.

Written by Kurt Cyrus and illustrated by Andy Atkins, Invisible Lizard (JE CYR) is the colorful tale of Napoleon, a chameleon looking for friends. The only problem is that no one can see him due to his instinctual camouflage. Children and parents will have fun in this jungle as Napoleon finds a way to make friends.


By Dr. Leroy Hommerding
Beach Library Director