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Ian Rankin and other UK crime readers will want to savor Out of Bounds by Val McDermid (M MCD). The narrative offers characters that are engaging and those who like character development will be pleased.

out of bounds, book, revueThis latter reason is also a reason to check out Val’s earlier titles, as Out of Bounds is the fourth in the Inspector Karen Pirie series. Others include The Distant Echo, A Darker Domain and The Skeleton Road.

Fans of Jen Lancaster will want to check out her By the Numbers (LAN) and enjoy the likeable main character. Lancaster spends a lot of time setting up the story and the end appears before one realizes it, and in that sense, some readers will crave a more settled ending.

Following Margaret of Anjou, the third epic story in the Wars of the Roses series, Bloodline is a captivating retelling of the Wars of the Roses from historical fiction master Conn Iggulden (IGG). In killing the father in the previous novel, Margaret has unleashed the sons. Edward of March proclaims himself England’s proper king. Factions form and brother confronts brother. Expect a gripping story.

Calkwalk, book revue, library treasures, island sand paperContinuing with the enthusiasm of Six of One, Bingo and Loose Lips, New York Times bestseller author Rita Mae Brown returns to her fictional hamlet of Runnymede where citizens are welcoming the end of the Great War and the beginning of a new era. Cakewalk (BRO) was read this in two settings not so much for the plot as for the characters and the interactions. Her ability to offer such realistic details of 1920, when the 18th and 19th Amendments were passed contributed to the speedy read. Cakewalk takes place in the spring of the year; the 18th (prohibition) was already on the books, but the 19th was waiting on a final state (Tennessee) to ratify the amendment.

Defender of Shannara, Book Revue, library treasuresThe inspiration for the epic Spike TV series, the world of Shannara is filled with untold stories and territory still to be explored. Terry Brooks, in The Defenders of Shannara: The Sorcerer’s Daughter (BRO), breaks new ground with a standalone adventure that is sure to entice veteran readers and recent devotees. Brooks is a master of fantasy as a viable genre and this is among what can be regarded as required reading for modern fantasy.

John Gray, who wrote the well-known and trusted relationship book Men Are from Mars, Woman are from Venus (Relationships, Relationship, Gray), returns with an updated guide for today’s generation in Beyond Mars and Venus: relationship skills for today’s complex world (Relationships, Gray). Chapter titles such as ‘Your Unique Self,’ ‘Differences Attract and Create Lasting Passion,’ ‘The Risks of Taking Hormones’, and ‘You Time, We Time, and Me Time’ convey some of its values.

book revue, library treasures, zero stress zoneThrough the Integrative Amrit Method techniques in Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone, developed by spiritual master Yogi Amrit Desai (Psychology, Desai), the reader is guided on a step-by-step process into a zone of contentment. The insights and clear experiences offer one a chance to change what isn’t working in one’s life. It goes beyond helping you release the energy trapped in your self-destructive habits and patterns by seeking out the energies from your stress-creating past.

In this era of divisive partisanship, The Reunited States of America: how we can bridge the partisan divide by Mark Gerzon (Politics, US, Gerzon), offers an antidote. Not only is there discussion of how we can bridge the partisan divide but Gerzon focuses on the untold story of how our fellow citizens are already doing it.

library treasures, book revue, reunited states of america, island sand paperHe describes how Republicans, Democrats and Independents are finding common ground on some of the most divisive and difficult issues we face today.

Karen Baicker, author and illustrator of the much-enjoyed Tumble Me Tumbily (J811.54 BAI) has created a wondrous fantasyland–part garden, part nursery–filled with the beauty of growing things. In her characteristic poetic style, Karen Baicker relates the challenges and rewards of establishing one’s own identity in Pea Pod Babies (JE BAI) while illustrator Sam Williams offers appealing illustrations, which brings this conceived world and creatures together.

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry (JE CHE) offers thorough research on plants and insects as well as a great picture-book introduction to how plants grow.

Little Groundhog learns how to plant and tend to his own garden. This book also mentions other fascinating aspects of gardening, such as pollination, the importance of insects and the role of changing seasons.


Dr. Leroy Hommerding
Beach Library Director