Library Treasures


It was easy reading My (not so) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (KIN), a writer and former financial journalist. One could describe this as part love story and part workplace drama. As a journalist, she has a developed knack for writing about events with some subtle criticism, in this case the storyline includes a critique of the judgments, often false, that we make in a social-media saturated world. My guests were drawn to read the work because I laughed out loud while reading the novel. Kinsella is getting a following, so that speaks for itself.

Defender, by Diana Palmer (PAL), is a book that features a lot of characters in her Long Tall Texans series and I really enjoyed it! All of my favorite characters from so many of her books are in here, like Cash Grier, his wife Tippy and their 2 children, along with Cy Parks and so many others. This book is about Isabel and Darwin Grayling and her father’s employee, Paul Fiore. This book is a second chance romance! I would have preferred a few less characters and more details of the current story.

Romance readers tell me that the latest addition to Jennifer Ryan’s New York Times best-selling Mountain Men series, Her Renegade Rancher (RYA) was well worth the wait. Comments note that Ryan’s stories are more than just boy meets girl hookup. They have suspense and prod one to think and feel.

Science fiction readers can pick up the accessible writer John Scalzi’s work, The Collapsing Empire (SCA). Our universe is ruled by physics. Faster than light travel is impossible until the discovery of an extra-dimensional field called The Flow. In this latest book, earth is forgotten. A new empire arises, based on the doctrine that no one human outpost can survive without the others.

Tammy Gagne, who specializes in the health and behavior of companion animals, and whose articles often appear in Dogster, offers The Ultimate Guide to Dog Care: Everything you need to know to keep your dog happy and healthy (Pets, Dogs, Gagne). The recipient of the goodnewsforpets Human-Animal Bond Award, Ramona Marek offers Cats for the Genius: Create a paw-sitive relationship with your cat from the start (Pets, Cats, Marek).

Madeline Levine, in Teach Your Children Well (Relationships, Parenting, Levine), confronts the issues behind why many parents push some of their children to the breaking point while overlooking the talents of others. She shows how to shift the focus from the excesses of hyper-parenting to a parenting style that concentrates on enabling academic success and developing a sense of purpose and well-being. She offers helpful examples in how to harness our fears about our children’s fears and how we define success.

Children’s Press offers board books for toddlers in a series Rookie Toddler that are attractive, easy to enjoy and plenty of tips and ideas with colorful photos. The titles include Hot Dog, Cold Dog focusing on opposites, Do You Know Noses?, Is That a Caterpillar?, Colors in the Cold, What is Yellow?, What is Red?, Bedtime for Rainforest Babies, Meet My Feet, Eat Your Colors and Bird Babies.

Great for read trips is the oversized book, What’s Hiding Here? (J793.73 WHA) ¬†as well as offering hours of entertaining fun. There are forty-five attractive photographs that are not what they seem. Each has an anomaly of some kind with something added or something missing. In some of the cases, one has to truly admire the clever deception of the designer. While good for any age, it is a book that both adult and child can enjoy. The bright colorful cover ensures being found. There are clues for those who are struggling, and should these not yield the discovery possible, illustrated answers are in the back of the book.


Dr. Leroy Hommerding
Beach Library Director