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Another One Goes Tonight (M LOV) is the sixteenth entry of Peter Lovesey’s British detective series. The story has enough twists and turns to keep the reader wondering while the story seems to be developing, though with unexpected mysterious aspects. En route to investigate a last call, two police officers find their car off the road, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition. When detective Peter Diamond looks into the case, he discovers that a civilian was involved and is now on life support. However, the next twist is that this man may be a serial killer. The final twist is for the reader to discover.

Readers who have enjoyed the works of Charles Finch will definitely want to savor his latest, The Inheritance (M FIN). Finch’s writing is exceptional and with characters from earlier novels. The story alternates between telling in the past and in the present, conveying an excellent way of including historical fact in the fictional story.

If you enjoy a story with a plot that gets more and more complicated as you progress in the story, then An Englishman in Madrid (MEN) is for you. This Planeta Prize recipient (an award recognizing the value of authors writing in Spanish and almost assures continued recognition) as Eduardo Mendoza combines the world of art with descriptions and explanations with the historic events in Span in the 1930s. I found the details about the work of Velazquez insightful as well as details on how to detect if an artwork is fake or original.

The first book in a new series, The Mirror Sisters (AND) comes from bestselling author V.C. Andrews. It was entertaining and somewhat predictable and, though the ending was somewhat to be expected, Andrews is able to make the reading experience worthwhile.

An Irish Country Doctor, by Patrick Taylor (TAY), is an audiobook that focuses on a story that is in many ways patterned after the James Herriot stories. This is the start of a series about a young Dr. starting out in a small country village. He’s a bit out-spoken yet works in ways to help his patients.

The Telomere Effect (Science Blackburn), written by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn and health psychologist Elissa Epel, is a fascinating blend of science and lifestyle management. Telomeres are on the tips of our chromosomes that determine how fast our cells age and die and this discussion looks at how we can improve and maintain their health. Written simply in understandable language, it’s easy to follow how changes in eating and physical activity can slow down or even reverse the aging trajectory.

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are YouTube vloggers/entertainers and roommates in London. Their videos have earned them a following of over 11 million subscribers. Now in The Amazing Book is Not on Fire (Film/TV People Howell), their debut book, readers are given an inside look at the world they create.

A delightful tale for children is the treat Steven Weinberg offers in You Must Be This Tall (JE WEI), as children explore how two friends support each other when one is denied entrance to the roller coaster. The watercolor and pencil cartoons convey both feeling and energy and his alternating the pages between horizontal and vertical views fits the story. The ripple purple lines of the characters give the story special emphasis.

On the Reef (J 577.7 MCM) highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy ocean environment. The colorful illustrations capture the beauty of the coral reef, one of the most endangered parts of the marine ecosystem, while focusing on the importance of preserving this fragile balance of life in the oceans. The artwork of naturalist painter Robert Bateman and the Tobin Island Artists lend powerful color and motivation to stay involved in the story.


Dr. Leroy Hommerding
Fort Myers Beach Library Director