Library Board Waiting on Governor


This week’s monthly Library Board meeting had a delayed start when one member was stuck in traffic longer than anticipated. Those kinds of problems are more likely now that two of the seven board positions are vacant.

Alison Throckmorton resigned in May 2015. Despite a request to the governor that he appoint someone to fill the position as the Library’s Charter specifies, and a willing candidate, Ed Scott, who has applied to the governor’s office, no appointment has been made in the 9 months the request has sat in the Governor’s office. Library Director Dr. Leroy Hommerding recently contacted that office inquiring about the lack of an appointment and was told, “It was a very busy session.”

As of March 1, 2016, another vacancy exists on the board due to Jack Green’s resignation to run for Town Council, leaving just 5 current board members.

The March monthly meeting held Tuesday, March 22nd, included a Director’s Report in which Hommerding informed the board that the new signage is with the vendor for Generosity Island, the donor recognition wall that will be located in the building foyer. He indicated that the month of February drew 180 new patrons, a 10% increase over February 2015. Adult Community Room programs drew 1366 attendees for 65 programs. Internet use remains high with 1804 users in February, plus an additional 1659 Wi-Fi connections.

Mark LaFave told the board about finding a slightly damaged bronze sculpture for sale at a local scrap metal business and notifying Dr. Hommerding, who inspected and purchased it. An artist, Scott Dozier, is working on restoring the sculpture of two children sitting on a bench, which will eventually be placed inside the library. The board had planned on commissioning a sculpture. The board voted to reimburse Hommerding for his original purchase of $1,000 and allow up to $5,000 for rehabilitation of the sculpture, though Hommerding didn’t think the cost would be that high. He indicated that eventually donor funds would cover the cost of the sculpture.

The very popular Dog Day, where young readers read to a specially trained dog, has been suspended after the dog that had been coming to the Beach Library retired for health reasons. A request for a new dog and dog handler has been made to the organization that trains the dogs.

The next Library Board meeting will be Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Beach Library.


Missy Layfield