Let’s Vote


Thirty years ago I visited this island. When I first saw the beach while driving over the bridge I thought to myself. “This is where I want to live.” The development that is being proposed will take a large part of public beach away. When you can build 3 hotels on the beach you have the right to mean high tide to put your cabanas & chairs etc in front of your hotels. That does not allow a lot of beach left for the public. The wall issue is strictly for the builder (Torgerson)  so that he can get building permits to enable him to not have to put buildings on stilts. Plus it will eventually erode the beach. The traffic would be horrendous. No matter how many roundabouts you make it still comes down to a narrow 2-lane road, with an additional 1500 people travelling on it. Let’s keep our Crescent Beach. You can only put 1 lb. of sand in a 1 lb. bag. Here’s a great idea!!! Let the people decide if they want this project on their beach. Let our local & county officials know! Let’s vote on it!!!

Robert P. Desmond

Fort Myers Beach