Lemon Bacopa


Lemon Bacopa, Bacopa caroliniana, is a herbaceous aquatic plant.  This species makes its home in the fresh and brackish waters of marshes, swamps, and ponds in almost every county in the State.  The caroliniana root system is fixed to the substrate with only the upper portion of the plant supported by one or two succulent stems that are above the water.  Sometimes, it is fully submersed.

Thick leaves are ovate in shape ½ inch wide and ½ inch long. Leaf stem arrangement  is opposite. Margins are entire (smooth).  A lemon fragrance is detected when a leaf is crushed. Solitary blue tubular flowers grow from leaf axils.  The flower’s corolla consists of five petals and 4 male stamens.   Flower diameter is about 3/8 of an inch.  Blooming occurs year around.

Caroliniana has been a popular aquarium plant for several years.  There are two other species of the Genus Bacopa that are native to Florida.  The specimen in the picture was found in my favorite marsh located in the Okloacoochee Slough in Hendry County.