Legal Cannabis


The Compassionate Care Act was passed and it has now become legal to treat illnesses with cannabis. As I have health issues I thought I might research how this may be of benefit to me. To that end I went online and through the company that provides the medicinal cannabis oil, found one doctor in Fort Myers.

This is what’s involved if one is possibly eligible for compassionate care: The first doctor’s appt. is $395. One signs a release for one’s physicians to send all yearly records and makes another apt for the following month at $295. There are two more follow up appointments at $295 each. At this point the doctor can finally evaluate if one will benefit from the medicinals. If one is diagnosed as having a good prognosis with compassionate care, one’s name is forwarded to the state, who then forwards it to the only company supplying the medicinals, which delivers the doctors prescription of medical cannabis oil to your door at I don’t know what cost, because no one would tell me.

No worries, I added this up myself $1280. I just don’t understand why this is going on in 2016! We have plenty of legal, truly harmful plants. Cannabis has proved to be nothing but beneficial. Seems to me it’s all about the money. Otherwise would mean that the legal business cartels couldn’t take advantage of regulation. This prohibition was an unneeded failure because the only drug war there was to wage was in the pocketbooks of all those waging it.


Elizabeth Chrissian
Fort Myers Beach