Lani Kai Goes Green


New Straws To Help Beach

Look for some colorful changes in beverages at Lani Kai Resort. Starting this week, every Lani Kai beach bar will utilize a new, bright green, biodegradable, eco-friendly straw for guests to request with their drinks. The bright green straws are also much easier to see in the sand, making them easier to find, which enhances the ability of cleaning crews to get as much litter picked up as possible, Lani Kai Marketing Director Michael Ensor explained.

After a visitor posted an online video of an alarming number of straws she collected on the beach near the Lani Kai after the Memorial Day weekend, Ensor jumped into action, announcing the new straw initiative and taking a look at the resorts’ beach cleaning program.

“We clean the beach at the beginning of each day, as well as throughout the day, 365 days a year. We rake the entire beach and dispose of all trash,” Ensor explained. “The morning after a national holiday, there is a massive increase in the amount of litter from beach-goers that needs to be collected.”

Beach raking takes place every morning where tractors pull industrial sized rakes in order to reach both surface level litter as well as litter that becomes buried several inches under the surface of the sand, he explained.

“Cleaning our beach has always been a top priority for Lani Kai,” Ensor stated. “We are developing plans that will significantly improve communication with organizations and community members across the Town of Fort Myers Beach.”

One of those organizations is Adopt a Beach, an effort of the Town’s Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF) and coordinated by Tree Andre.

“Tree Andre continues to lead the battle against littering on Fort Myers Beach and we want to do everything we can to help support the efforts of her organization” Ensor said. “The Chamber of Commerce on Fort Myers Beach has also done a tremendous job in supporting our community based initiatives.”

“I applaud their willingness to become involved and look forward to meeting with their staff soon,” Andre said. “I hope this is a trend that other businesses along the beach follow.”

Lani Kai is also utilizing National Seashell Day on June 20th as an opportunity to invite guests and local residents to partake in a fun event that will serve to educate and inform the public on the local environment. Offering a full day’s worth of shelling events, the resort will also have employees on hand to answer questions on the local environment.”

Ensor hopes the attention the straw video focused on the beach litter problem will lead to a eco-friendly trend on the beach as a whole. Andre shares that hope.

“I absolutely hope this trend spreads and people become more aware of the damage that litter on the beach does.” Tree said. “We all should be involved in keeping our beach clean.”

Ensor agreed, “The reality is that littering on the beach, or anywhere, is an unacceptable practice.”


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