Kudos to FMB Fire Dept.


I am currently visiting Ft. Myers Beach for the first time, and wanted to share with the community an extraordinarily nice experience I just had with the local fire department.

While enjoying the beautiful beach here, I came to notice that a ring had become so tight on my finger… that not only was it uncomfortable, but it seemed to be swelling by the hour.

Ron Fleming, who was nearby at the beach, happened to overhear the commotion I was creating. The next thing I knew, he had arranged for us to go to the local fire department, where we were immediately met by Lieutenant C. Chilson and Firefighter J. Lundy.  These two professional men could not have been more attentive, efficient, and kind in removing my ring. They were very considerate as well as focused on making sure I was comfortable.

They turned what could’ve been an uncomfortable and unpleasant trip, into a wonderful stay here at Fort Myers Beach.

I am forever grateful to these three professional and kind men, and look forward to returning soon!

Lisa Hawley