Know Your Rights


First of all, be advised that you are allowed to set up a chair and enjoy ANYPLACE on the beach below the mean high-tide line. This is your right, established by Florida law.

Saturday at the boat races, I was harassed by a chair vendor. As I set up my chair, BELOW the high-tide line, he asked me to move. When I declined, he repeated his request, along with profanity, name-calling and a threat of violence.

Since I do know my rights in this manner, I continued to politely decline his request, explaining that I was below the high tide line. He eventually ceased the behavior.
When children display the kind of behavior that this chair vendor engaged in, we call that bullying. There are laws against this. Can adults be similarly held accountable?
Most beach chair vendors seem polite as they provide this valuable service.

Know your rights, if a beach chair vendor asks you to move from BELOW the high tide line, you may decline their request, even if you are “blocking” their patrons’ view. If they persist, file a complaint with the Town of Ft Myers Beach. If you feel threatened, call the police.

As citizens, we have the right to fight this bullying behavior, so that we may enjoy our beautiful family beach.


Keith Szyperski
Fort Myers Beach