Kids, Kids


I see that our presidential candidates aren’t the only battling parties these days. How do we expect to solve any of our issues if we keep exchanging blows via “Letters to the Editor”? A certain caption that I used in one of my letters was mentioned. At least I now know that they are being read.

Let’s start with the individual who refers to their opponent as a, “Python” – Ok. They do make a few good points. However, browbeating isn’t the way to get people to see your point of view. Some of their sentences are so long that I have to take a breath when silently reading them. If you want to argue your point further – instead of ripping our city officials publicly, try addressing them one on one. I bet your concerns get better results. I love our islands charm. The million dollar view at the “Top” of the Matanzas Bridge is to die for. Time square is unique. Then there is the not-so charming part rounding the corner on Estero Blvd. Enough said.

Now let’s look at an adversary who favors the “Grandiose”, as it was termed. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, there is a better choice of words for suggesting people to come up with money. And yes, America was built on capitalism and free trade. However, this doesn’t excuse ridiculing someone’s political affiliation. Yes, they are whining and complaining about destroying the islands feel. But that is within their right to do so.

Both sides have strong feelings regarding FMB development. But on the same token, they can get their point across without insulting each other. Fight your battle(s) with some dignity and reasonable intelligence. Sounding like a bunch of school kids on a playground isn’t acting very mature.

Tony Scopel

Fort Myers Beach