Keep Up The Good Work


Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary as the owners and publishers of the Island Sand Paper. I’m sure all who read it would agree that it is the most informative and unbiased paper in the area for FMB island news. We appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into personally attending the various town and committee meetings, events and activities so you can give your readers first hand information. We are, further, grateful to the articles you write clarifying issues that affect the residents, i.e. the new road construction, the new developments planned off Main Street and near the bridge, etc.

We also have come to depend on the Sand Life Magazine that gives us all the “happenings” for the month. It makes it so much easier to plan our calendar knowing what is coming up to enjoy in the community. Although we haven’t used it regularly, we are beginning to enjoy your new website. It is definitely easy to use and is visually appealing.

Thank you for recognizing throughout the year all the people, groups and businesses that make the island so special through their volunteerism and support.

Wishing you the best in the years to come as you continue to keep the community informed about island news through your various media formats. You certainly have worked hard to keep in tune with a varying population whose needs and wants differ and still get the news across in a nonpartisan manner. Keep up the good work!


Bob and Kathy Kouba
Fort Myers Beach