Keep to the Right


Now that the first mile of Estero Blvd. is essentially complete and the bicycle “sharrows” have been applied, it’s time for a little common sense to kick in. I witnessed on several occasions lately bike riders lazily riding in the middle of the lane, holding up vehicular traffic behind them. Although it may be their legal right to do so, it certainly lacks common sense, and common courtesy. Before the enhancements to the road we had a sidewalk on one side of the street only, little if any shoulder and a sidewalk half the width of the new ones.

Cyclers routinely shared the sidewalk and had to be cautious riding on the road or risk ending up damaged. Now it seems they interpret the “sharrows” as license to be stupid and inconsiderate. I witnessed a group of 4 cyclers after dark “exercising their right to the road”, no front light, no rear reflector and in an apparent state of impairment. I wonder if they considered for a moment the driver that might be distracted by their phone or impaired themselves. Don’t be stupid. Just because you have the “right” to the road doesn’t mean you’re immune to the risks of sharing the road with equipment that can flatten you like road kill. Keep to the right and allow vehicle traffic to pass you safely.


Kirk Whitacre
Fort Myers Beach