Keep it Clean


Oh No! Please No! Not attack ads in our local election. My wife and I are so tired of listening to negative political campaign ads from the last State and National election.  They are nasty, full of half truths and really not necessary at the local level.

I couldn’t figure out why we had friends of FMB in Tallahassee putting out local attack ads until I read the full page guest column in the Sand Paper. It’s the result of EITA and their sister PAC organization.  The air has now been cleared. But wait, that can’t be right. EITA can’t become involved in any political activities! Then I ask myself why did EITA support the startup of the PAC with a $3200 contribution?  Isn’t that a political activity? And just prior to the local Town election and appearance of attack ads, another $8000 payment. Sure seems like a political activity. I must be missing something, remember EITA can’t become involved in any political activities. I’m obviously not an attorney but it must be legal.  I wonder if  Estero Island taxpayers knew they were promoting  social welfare on Estero Island by financially supporting a political candidate in Osceola and Polk Counties?

It’s all beyond my pay scale but please EITA, I don’t need any friends in Tallahassee. We also don’t need attack ads at the local level. It’s easy enough to learn about the 4 candidates and find out who matches your criteria to govern our Town. Let’s keep it clean and I’m sure the 2 best candidates will rise to the top.


Bob Miller
Fort Myers Beach