Keep It Beachy


My first visit to the Fort Myers Beach) was in 2006. It was love at first sight and I later moved to Fort Myers to make it my home. I was visiting my brother who lived on the Beach, and was introduced to beach life and the diversity of beach people. The local population is the strength of this amazing place. The part I liked best, and still do, is the fact that the Beach is not a fancy-dancy, snooty, reeking of money, kind of place. Bonita Bills is my favorite haunt when not directly on the beach as it has a down-home (y’all come and see us) atmosphere. No shirt, no shoes, can we get you a beer. Of course, there is the Beach Moose, Veterans Club, Parrot Key, Lighthouse, Times Square, Bowditch Point, SOB’s, Yucatan, Nervous Nellies, Lani Kai, Shamrock, DiamondHead, and the list goes on and on. The Beach is, and I say this gently, a beachy kind of place where everyone is welcome to enjoy the attractiveness, atmosphere, and amenities that are offered. That’s what we all adore about it! An island to love.

Now, we seem to have a developer who wants to make our lovely island look like Panama City Beach. Have you ever been to Panama City? Not a pretty sight. The multistory condos stretch as far as the eye can see. The condos are so close together that you cannot even see the water, let alone the beach. They have beautiful sugar sand white beaches. But good luck in trying to enjoy them if you don’t own one of the mega condos.

Is this what we want for the Beach? If not, stand up, be counted, and let your representatives know your feelings and put a stop to this Resort madness!

Lee Hawk
Fort Myers