Just Say No


Please turn down the Times Square Beach Development request.

We understand a number of elected officials involved in the decision process have vested interests in the success of this development, e.g., own businesses that would profit from it, have a spouse involved as a realtor in the proposed development’s success. Have this decision made by a vote of the town’s legal residents, not by its elected officials.

Our town is presently struggling to accommodate the pressures on its present population. The proposed development would significantly increase the onslaught of tourists and their length of stay, negatively affecting the living conditions of its present residents. Examples follow:

  • Town master plan. We understand significant portions of this plan would have to be relaxed to accommodate this development, e.g., height of buildings. Many of us purchased our properties with the understanding that this plan would not be relaxed, thus insuring that the town’s development guidelines would not change from the time of our purchase. This led to our commitment of a substantial portion of our own assets to make this purchase.
  • It would significantly increase the number of cars, as opposed to encouraging visitors to use buses and to confine their activities to small areas where they could walk.
  • Small town culture. It would negatively affect our ’small town‘ culture, as much as it still is, by encouraging larger numbers of visitors, particularly those wishing to visit for 24-hour days versus a few hours each day.
  • Gulf view. It would seriously downgrade the view of the Gulf for people traversing west on the ‘Sky’ Bridge.
  • Beach access. It would funnel folks into relatively narrow access corridors. The sea wall would be a real eyesore.
  • Rising sea levels. Present evidence indicates our island will eventually succumb to this phenomena. Our long term planning should emphasize a gradual exodus, not increasing the pressures on our present residents.

Thomas C. Winter, Jr

Fort Myers Beach