Just Say No


Just say no to the County Commissioners giving up Crescent Street Park or giving up control of Lynn Hall Park. These parks belong to the people.

Just say no to the FMB Town Council on giving Grand Resorts the permit to build.

May I remind you that Fort Myers beach was incorporated in 1995 as a means to engage citizens of the island in the preservation of their small town character. We incorporated 20 years ago for the sole purpose of not having tons of high-rises and tons of development. Our current mayor was one of the beach citizens that spearheaded the incorporation and was also our first mayor, so what has changed in the past 20 years that she would even consider changing the landscape of out beach in such a drastic way…?

Let’s remind the County Commissioners and the FMB Town Council that they were elected by the people to do for the people and it seems to me that the people don’t want any part of this monstrosity of a development.

I urge each and every one of you to remind our elected officials, county and town who elected them and what it is we want. We need to email, call or write them expressing our displeasure with the possibility of this development being built.

District 1: John Manning, 239-533-2224, dist1@leegov.com

District 2: Cecil Pendergrass, 239-533-2227, dist2@leegov.com

District 3: Larry Kiker, 239-533-2223, dist3@leegov.com

District 4: Brian Hamman, 239-533-2226, dist4@leegov.com

District 5: Frank Mann, 239-533-2225, dist5@leegov.com

Mayor Anita Cereceda, 239-765-0202 ext. 1101

Vice Mayor Dan Andre, 239-765-0202 ext. 1102

Council Member Rexann Hosafros, 239-765-0202 ext. 1104

Council Member Alan Mandel, 239-765-0202 ext. 1103

Council Member Summer Stockton, 239-765-0202 ext. 1105

Let’s be heard by our Town Council and County Commissioners and

Just Say No To This Monstrosity!!!

John J Scanlon

Fort Myers Beach