Just Say No


To Council Members-Please turn down the Grand Resort FMB development request.

Developers have been aching to breach our 1995 master plan controlling development. I understand this plan is one of the best in our state. If you approve this request, establishing a precedent, you will then be besieged with similar requests. I have read the present developer has already invested ~$40 million to purchase properties involved in this issue. In a few years our town would be lined with beach high rises, as is Miami Beach and other similar coastal areas.

Your residents do not wish this. A similar development, the DiamondHead Beach Resort, led to the 1995 establishment of our town, independent of Lee County. Your residents were furious with the County authorizing the DiamondHead development which destroyed a beach access street and now dominates the surrounding skyline. Please keep our town in its present low key status, even with our major traffic and storm vulnerability issues. This relatively low key status particularly endears our town to its present, and future, residents.

As I requested in my December 15 letter to you, if this issue reaches the decision process, please let your voters decide through a referendum, not your Council which is under excessive partisan pressures. We want to keep our small town environment, such as it is – not have our delightful island balloon into another developers’ bonanza.

Thomas C. Winter

Fort Myers Beach