Just Crazy Enough


Maybe the heat & humidity have finally gotten to us or maybe it’s just July, but we’ve been tossing around ideas that might just be crazy enough to work.

$10 a Whack

Margaritaville Resort developers plan to begin the project early in 2020. Islanders are relieved that this project will begin moving heavy equipment rather than just paper. This may be a golden opportunity to turn Islanders’ frustrations at the delay, or happiness at the project’s beginning, into a fundraiser for a worthy Island charity. We’d suggest the resort folks offer residents a swing at a designated empty Helmerich Plaza building for $10 a whack or three. Safety first, of course, with liability a close second, but with a waiver, hard hat and safety glasses, this could be a very therapeutic community exercise. Other projects hold a ground-breaking. Let’s do a building-breaking instead!

More Trash Cans

Our Town provides trash and recycling cans at Town beach accesses, plus some in the downtown area. We need lots more. There will always be those who won’t walk a couple steps to a trash can, but the majority would, we think, if only those trash cans were more available and visible. Double or triple the cans downtown and place one can on every block of Estero Blvd sidewalk and our Island’s litter problem might easily become a minor nuisance rather than the major public image problem that it is now.

Auto Crosswalk Lights

Some Estero Blvd crosswalks have blinking lights to call attention to pedestrians trying to cross the street. They only work if the pedestrians PUSH THE BUTTON, which amazingly, is not all that common a skill. There exist, as close as Naples, crosswalks with sensors that activate the blinking lights, on both the signs and the pavement, when a pedestrian begins to cross the road. It’s genius! It may not result in a perfect response by all drivers, but for them, we suggest, only half-in-jest, a camera to issue tickets to those who fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

FMB Parking Emblem

Visitors tell us that finding parking on our Island is a huge problem. Wouldn’t it be nice if all parking lots available to the public used an FMB parking emblem at the lot entrance? A blue square with a white P is often used, but we could use a brighter, more visible color. Visitors would learn to look for the bright P sign or, here’s something truly crazy, we could replace the ugly No Parking signs at our bridges with helpful, welcoming signs with ‘Look for the (green) P to find parking.’

Got your own crazy idea? Let us know!


Missy Layfield