Joanne Shamp : Town Council Candidate


I am grateful that this special community has been my home for 13 years. I care about it deeply. I promise to serve by making policies that best reflect what the citizens desire to implement in their government as stated in the Town Charter.

I graduated from New York University (BS, MA) and co-owned a medical patient-care company. I have extensive advisory committee experience, including Chair of the MRTF, HPB and LPA. In December I was unanimously appointed by Council to fill the vacancy.

According to author Lewis Carroll, if you don’t know where you are going it doesn’t matter what road you take. This community knew where it wanted to go when it became a town. The roadmap, our Comprehensive Plan, identifies every segment of this island, celebrates its diversity and plans for its needs.

Pick an issue – water quality, capital improvements, traffic, pedestrian and bicycle connections, quality of life in residential neighborhoods, commercial development, historic preservation, environmental conservation, recreation facilities, disaster planning – there are goals, policies and objectives provided for each. The Land Development Code and Ordinances add detail. These documents are the GPS for sound decisions. I will follow their direction.

Small-town character is not a stagnant vision. While our beloved historic buildings hold the flavor and stories of the past, new buildings can blend in seamlessly by adopting our historic design features. Timeless community characteristics like our sugar-sand beach environment, water-based lifestyle, arts, seafood, quiet neighborhoods, lively businesses, historic and environmental tours, Bay Oaks, Beach School, library, churches and traditional annual events unite life-long residents with newer arrivals and visitors in this unique and beautiful place.

Essential to preserving our small-town charm is the character of the people we share daily life with here. We must commit to working together for the common good, to being helpful and welcoming, to acting neighborly and with respect, to celebrating what is good and repairing what is broken – to showing we care about this community and each other through positive thoughts and actions.

The best of this community is not in the rearview mirror. It is on the road ahead. Our streets are lined with the sights and buildings that we have always loved, while carefully-planned new things fill in to complete the landscape of this place we so passionately love.

I am happy to take the wheel if you desire. Let’s navigate together and enjoy the journey.


Submitted by Joanne Shamp