Jack Green Announces Candidacy


Our Town is experiencing considerable redevelopment pressure and none is more important than the Grand Resorts-Fort Myers Beach proposal.

Our development standards were written to maintain the character of this community and we should make every effort to ensure compliance with those standards.  Protection of our natural resources is extremely important. The sugar soft sand of our beach is one of our greatest natural assets.  Any development exceptions must be carefully considered and weighed against the public good. There must be measurable environmental and economic benefits to the public realm that outweigh any concession. Therefore, I cannot support the proposal in it its current form.

The Grand Resorts-Fort Myers Beach is not the only issue facing us, as evidenced by the utility upgrades, the refurbishment of Estero Blvd and the need for storm water improvements.  We need steady leadership over the next few years to ensure that the community we love maintains as much of its identity and character as envisioned in the Comp Plan.

I have significant, practical, experience in many of the issues facing our town.  I am well versed in the Town’s Comp Plan and LDC and I am very knowledgeable of the Town’s infrastructure.

I’ve been invested in this community for over two decades. I’ve served as an Advisory Committee member, Principal Planner, Public Works Director, and Town Manager. I sit on the FMB Little League Board of Directors, and I’ve coached the girls’ softball team, I currently hold Seat 3 on the FMB Library Board until March 1, 2016, and I’m a member of the Melvin Cowart American Legion Post 274.

My 30 years of U.S. Coast Guard experience significantly shaped my life. I retired from the Coast Guard at the rank of Commander and I’m proud to say I came up “through the hawse pipe”, meaning I received my commission after starting out as an enlisted sailor.

I want it clearly understood that I will vote my conscience and in accordance with what I believe is best for our community. I tend to be analytical and look at issues with a critical mindset, which I believe is prerequisite for any elected official.

In the end all anyone truly owns is their reputation, and so ethics and honesty are paramount to me. I want to hear from you, because otherwise how will I know what YOU think.

Jack Green

Candidate, Fort Myers Beach Town Council