Island Fixes


All we need on the island is a 4-story parking garage with stores on the bottom. Leave the park that the county owns.

Had a one on one meeting with the mayor 2 weeks ago about the Island which needs help. Need a lot younger and more motivated Town Council.

Need a full time Beach Patrol. Have someone else do the meter parking areas. I have been on the beach twice for 3 ½ hours and no Beach Patrol. The mayor is suppose to be looking into this issue.

Need restrooms at each paid meter parking along Estero Blvd and the Town owns them. Now the Town wants to beautify them. Number one, it should be mandatory like the business signs that were reduced in size. Take families that come to the beach paying two dollars an hour for the day, handicap, older people and people that come from the bay area. The Town Council voted it down for two reasons. They have their own restrooms at their residences to go. Most likely they don’t go to the beach for the day. Just like the commercial Morgan & Morgan (For The People) but the Town Council is not for the People.

The brown water, red tide, dogs on the beach and restrooms only at Time Square and Newton Park. To take care of these matters would make Fort Myers Beach in the Top 20 beaches in Florida. Need better sanitary conditions. The Town Council needs to be more focused on these conditions. The Dog Beach is at Lover’s Key.

P. Winter

Fort Myers Beach