Island Churches Speak Out


The Pastors and churches of the Ministerial Association of Fort Myers Beach would like to offer the following statement to our members, our town leaders and all citizens.

We take pride in our commitment to meeting the needs of our community that fall within our areas of ministry, whether those needs are spiritual, emotional or physical.  We choose to burden ourselves with those needs as we are commanded to do in the Bible.

However, we also recognize the truth in the fact that we cannot meet every need that someone may have and that sometimes we are presented with individuals who have needs or even desires that fall outside of our scope of ministry.  To those truths, we want to declare that we are committed to doing everything in our ability to ensure the safety of everyone in our churches and our community at large.  From our individual safety and security plans that are in place within our organizations to working closely with law enforcement in the proper handling and informing about individuals who seek anything other than to be a wholesome part of our community.

We will continue in the task that we are commissioned with to bring the Gospel not only to our community but to the nations but we will always be diligent to the fight that we are engaged in with any enemy that chooses to bring harm to any other person that is entrusted to our care.

Thank you,

The Ministerial Association of Churches of Fort Myers Beach

Pastor Shawn Critser – Beach Baptist

Pastor Ivan Corbin – Beach United Methodist

Pastor Stephen Adkison – Chapel by the Sea

Father John Adler – St. Raphael’s Episcopal

Pastor Charles “Rusty” May – St. Peter’s Lutheran