Island Appreciation


So inspiring to be educated on “Island Fixes” (Letter to the Editor by P. Winter, April 1, 2016) that one has to offer a rebuttal as “Island Appreciation.” I believe our Island is, no doubt, one of the Top Beaches in Florida. Fort Myers Beach is a Paradise.

An environment is comprised of many facets and differences, which in our case are being addressed by our elected officials and staff. They respond to “advice” constantly given by constituents. They are elected by “all the people.” No one is excluded nor assigned heightened status. These men/women are reflective of our populace not assigned by age, race, creed or other discriminatory designs. History possesses the journal of those attempts to “fix” society by one dimension of administrators.

In case one missed the extensive discussion on progress in Fort Myers Beach and its needs, one can visit our beautiful library and be assisted in research to heighten the educational process.

The Beach Patrol is comprised of dedicated men/women who serve our Island’s needs tirelessly. Remarks based on two 3½-hour visits are one opinion. However I base my comments on beach visits of 3½-hours each and every day, every month for the last seven years (weather permitting). Our Patrol is there regularly, responsive, courteous and assisting those who require it. These people are an asset to our Island.

The restroom fix seems to be a personal problem based on non-Gulfside habitat. In every case, no business establishment has refused comfort facilities. Perhaps if one became more aware of our Island by supporting its businesses and patronizing its activities, one could be knowledgeable of its facilities.

The diversity of our Beach with its welcome to all society reflects the image of America. If one focuses on negative impressions, then a sanctuary answer might be as sole populace in the sequel “Castaway II.”

M. Zupsic

Fort Myers Beach