Is Light Rail the Answer?


1500 car garages and ugly surface parking areas; are they the answer? In the USA there are several manufacturers of modern and efficient LRT (light rail transit) systems. Some segmented trams have 170-passenger capacity. Could such a system be viable Summerlin Square to Times Square especially in the peak winter months?

The Trolley could be an attraction in its own right. Fast, efficient and a great advertisement for all the layers of Government or indeed private interests that would care to contribute.

There would be a significant employment factor in the building and manufacture of such a system and in its continuing maintenance. A previous writer suggested giving the present Trolley a dedicated lane. Residents and visitors deserve an alternative to sitting in traffic for hours to enter or exit FMB via San Carlos Blvd.

Could an electrified LRT system provide an answer without creating yet more car capacity?

Chris Saunders

Fort Myers Beach