I find the negative ad in the Sand Paper targeting Tracey Gore is unprofessional, irresponsible and just plain mean. No other candidates are targeted, just Tracey Gore. I find it unacceptable that the local community newspaper, the Island Sand Paper, would participate in this type of journalism.

I and others cannot find any reference to “Beach Residents For Responsible Development” which¬†the ad says paid for the ad. And no one has taken credit for or claimed membership in this group. Cowards hide their names when they know what they have done is wrong.

Is the money you received from the ad more important than your integrity and reputation?

You owe Tracey Gore an apology.

I have always had an excellent relationship with the Island San Paper in the past. I am so disappointed in you both.

I have been a resident of Fort Myers Beach since 1964.

Joanne Semmer

Fort Myers Beach