Incompetent for Trial, Library Director Murder


A decision was made this week in the 20th Judicial Circuit Court that Adam Soules, the man charged in the death of Fort Myers Beach Library Director Dr. Leroy Hommerding, is incompetent to stand trial at this time.

Soules is charged with First Degree Murder in Hommerding’s death on January 20, 2019 at the Beach Library. The state announced in March 2019 that they would not seek the death penalty.

Three behavioral specialists examined him prior to the recent competency hearing, with two indicating that he had schizophrenia.

All three said that Soules is delusional, with an unusual fascination with Jesus Christ, believing that Jesus Christ uses people’s bodies to do harmful things. Soules believes he attacked Hommerding in self-defense, that Hommerding is still alive and that he, Soules, is the real victim.

During the hearing, two incidents with his attorney and another inmate, in which Soules believed they’d been taken over by Jesus Christ, were mentioned.

After hearing the competency evaluation reports, Judge Margaret Steinbeck declared Soules incompetent to stand trial and ordered him to a state treatment facility. A competency review is scheduled for February 17, 2020.


By Missy Layfield