Incident Responses Down


Fire Dept. Thanks Town
March 25, 2020

Town Manager Hernstadt:

Hello Sir, I would like to share with you some information and ask that you please consider sharing this with the Mayor and Town Council in applaud of your actions.

I am pleased to report that the efforts of the Town of Fort Myers Beach and many community leaders are making a difference. We are beginning to see a decrease in emergency incidents.

In our current environment one of the most beneficial actions we can take for our Firefighters and Paramedics is to decrease the number of incident responses. To do this our best course is decreasing the number of community members and their activities. The less total people on the island, the less emergency incidents we respond to, the less potential for exposure of emergency responders, and finally the less we consume the personal protective equipment running low nation-wide.

When our community is “out and about,” whether it be for recreation, dining out, or spending time with friends, this increases the likelihood of routine injuries, accidents, and illnesses. When our community is at home we see less occurrences. In our current situation, the less emergency incidents in the community the better chance we have at maintaining our public health system and overall recovery.

Though we still have work to do, it is important for me to share this progress with you and the positive impact your efforts are having on our system. As you know, I have tremendous compassion and concern for businesses and service workers in our community. Our hope is the sooner we decrease these numbers, the sooner we return our community to where we all want it to be!

Thank you for your support and leadership when it counts.


Matthew R. Love, Fire Chief
Fort Myers Beach Fire Department