Your invitation to express opinions is most welcome. We enjoy your paper every year we spend our several weeks here. The publication from our hometown area, The Cincinnati Enquirer, has swung so far left and anti-Trump its credibility is even lower than Congress’. There are lots of concerns for us septuagenarians, but most important to me is the rampant use of Orwellian thought language in the media. For example, of my many, many relatives, friends and acquaintances, all favor immigration. They oppose only unlawful entry. Yet the media rudely and incessantly labels us as “anti-immigration” racist xenophobes for not warmly welcoming – and cheerfully paying for – any person who arrives by whatever means, regardless of their intent to adopt our laws and way of life. America is not some vast free commune created by God and maintained by its citizens so that anyone who is interested can stroll in without obligation and dishonestly take advantage of its opportunities and benefits. There are specific rules for immigration and achieving citizenship. Yes, those rules should be updated by legislation. Nevertheless, they must never be ignored – ever. People who are unwilling to abide by those rules have no “right” to be permitted to enjoy the privilege of even being here.


Don Adick
Cincinnati & Fort Myers Beach


Editor Note: We invite letters on local issues, believing that is what people want in a local paper. There are ample opportunities for people to express opinions on national topics elsewhere. We are publishing this letter as we weren’t very clear.