Hurricane Reflections


The last few days have likely changed most of our lives forever. The planning, the anxiety, the work, the waiting. We all had plenty of time to think about what we should have done, what we’d like to do, well at least I know I did.

The words I’ve used most today were “miraculous” and “grateful.” It’s nothing short of miraculous that a little seven-mile slip of an island that lies along the southwest Florida coast called Fort Myers Beach escaped with as little damage as I saw this morning. Yes, there were trees down there were signs toppled there were pool cages ripped apart but by and large we escaped with minimal impact.

Grateful doesn’t begin to express how I feel about the many Good Samaritans who live amongst us. I won’t list them here for fear of missing someone, but you know who you are. These were not just Islanders, not just people who call Fort Myers Beach home, these were people who owned a pickup truck and a chainsaw and called to see if anyone needs help with a tree. These were people who stopped in the middle of the road to offer us a cold bottle of water while we were flagging traffic. These were people who went out of their way to do what they could to ease someone else’s suffering. Remarkable, glorious human beings!

It will likely be days before all of us are serviced by FPL and maybe some of us will not even have running water but for the most part, we shared an experience that, at least for me, was life-changing.

The Matanzas Pass Bridge and the Big Carlos Bridge are open and accessible for all Island residents and business owners. Town Hall should be up and open by Wednesday morning with any luck Publix will as well.

I’m sure that Jay at Topps will be doing his best to get things going there too.
As I reflect on this day I am grateful for all of those I love, both near and far, because I know more clearly than ever before that they are all that matter to me in this world.

I hope you sleep well tonight.

Anita Cereceda
Fort Myers Beach

(Submitted Monday, September 11, 2017)