Holy Week


My blessings of Lent include, along with summers spent in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, the rest of the year on Ft. Myers Beach, Holy Week included therein!

Along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico just before dusk, I see the vivid colors of the sky ever changing . . challenging any artist to try to make permanent on canvas such medley of colors!  Slowly, the orange molten sun sinks into the Gulf as in awe I view its majesty. Twilight falls and the lights of the condos on the southern tip of our island begin to twinkle.  And then, as though someone has flipped a switch, the skies are soon alight as the heavens become an incandescent dome, a sea of stars against a dark velvet background.   It is then that I strive to hear the sounds of the music of night!

It is within this ethereal music that prayers are uplifted . . . .  for peace and for strength to those who are facing conflicts of life.

This is a special time to sing praises of gratitude; to trade a smile instead of a frown; to offer caring to one who is hurting;  to make an unexpected call to an almost forgotten old friend; and to be mindful of the reason for the holiness of the week.

Bread joyfully cast upon the waters of the Gulf of Life is returned with the incoming tides.

As I reflect upon principles of spiritual laws, goodness becomes real, for there is no permanence of satisfaction from appetites of the flesh, for life’s purpose is then discovered in loving service to others, thus crucifying selfish desires while seeking Light and the Purity of Love.


Alice Glawe
Fort Myers Beach