High Tea at Diamondhead


Garden Club Celebrates 60 Years

Estero Island Garden Club celebrated its 60-year anniversary with a Tea Party at Costé Island Cuisine at Diamondhead on Fort Myers Beach last week. In keeping with a more formal look for High Tea, members accessorized their outfits with a fun hat or fascinator. Prior to lunch, the group was entertained by a look back at the history of the club, provided by member Donna Bliven, who created a video, “EIGC Through the Years, 1959-2019” filled with information, events and photos of the Garden Club’s first sixty years.

The highlight of the luncheon was author, playwright and tea-aficionado Lauri Nienhaus’ presentation on tea, which included quotes from her book, “And Then It Was Teatime,” along with the use of her special collection of teapots and teacups to serve members her favorite tea.

During the program, Lois Gressman, a beloved EIGC member who passed away this year, was remembered for her talent and graciousness.

Information and photos provided by Becky Bodnar.

High Tea, Diamondhead, fort myers beach, garden club 60 years
Cheryl Walz & Laurie Nienhaus with Laurie’s collection of teapots.
Garden Club members Pam Hernstadt, Carol Lowery, Madeline Wallace & Judy Francino celebrate the EIGC anniversary.
Members enjoy the video, “EIGC Through the Years, 1959-2019” Photos by Becky Bodnar.