Help With Stormwater Costs


I made a call to Gabriela Vigo, Ph.D., CFM: Hazard Mitigation Specialist with FEMA, who referred me to Miles Anderson, Bureau Chief of Mitigation for Department of Emergency Management(DEM).

Miles Anderson

Bureau Chief of Mitigation

Florida Division of Emergency Management

2555 Shumard Oak Blvd., Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100

Office (850) 413-9816


With in 24 hours of contacting Miles Anderson I received a phone call from him. He is very interested in coming to FMB to help in any way his office can to mitigate our storm water drainage program. Mr. Anderson said he is in our corner on this problem and his office’s mission is help cities like ours in the state of Florida. He will try to come down in January to meet with us in addressing our issues. He said repeatedly during our conversation that the DEM, as well as other sources, have grant funds to help with storm water mitigation issues and is happy to extend the resources of his office to help FMB. I would ask that the council wait until the resources and expertise of the Florida Division of Emergency Management are considered in the planning process for FMB. Mr. Anderson would be happy to hear from any of you that may have and interest in discussing the matter with him.

My conversations include an individual with years of experience in storm water mitigation claims and issues, as well as an individual with a pervious career in water treatment and storm water management is a large Midwestern city. We would very much like to address these planning issues before a decision is made that could create an expensive and protracted legal battle that would forever divide the city.

Jon Ames

Fort Myers Beach