Health Care


Since 2010 Republicans have been saying they can come up with a better health care plan than the ACA. So far, there has been no sign of any such thing. The so-called American Health Care Act of 2017 was so ill-conceived that it couldn’t succeed even with no debate when both houses were completely dominated by Republicans.

Now, the Administration seeks to undo the ACA in its entirety, which will upend the entire insurance market. Not content to undo individual mandates, employer mandates, or the coverage requirements in the ACA, this action seeks to invalidate everything and will result in absolute chaos for our entire health care financing system. And the blame will rest squarely where is should: on the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party can craft a better, less expensive, and more comprehensive health care financing plan than the ACA it is time for them to produce it. And not by dark of night, either. Let’s have the thing out in the daylight where everyone can see what a “superior” plan looks like.


Kathleen Finderson
Fort Myers Beach