Headed to Mound Key


This smiling group is about to depart on a boat trip to Mound Key as part of their Florida Master Natural Program Coastal Course. The photo was taken on the steps of the Newton House, where their class meets.

There are 19 participants in the class from as far away as Naples and Alva. The course is taught by lead instructor, Mick Curtis and assistant instructor, Jim Rodwell. The class of 19 includes Wendy Bates, Larry and Sarah Berglund Caroline Carlton, Gayle Crabtree-Pergoli, Richard DeGaetano, Carol Doubex, Fred Geist, Rick Grant, Jack Green, Thomas Kinniry, Michele Lenhard, Patricia Oshheroff, Laura Paradiso, Gayle Reynolds, Augusta Rosenauer, Daniel Ross, John Waller and  Loren Wright.

Photo provided.