Hateful Bumper Stickers


We are snowbirds who have come to this lovely island for the past ten years and have always been respectful of the residents, establishments, laws and environment. Traveling on Estero Blvd. has been difficult and very time consuming but we have been patient in enduring all the construction knowing that it is necessary for the benefit of all who consider this their permanent home or their home only for three to six months.

It is one thing to sit in traffic for an hour to go up island but to sit behind a car with obscene and hateful bumper stickers (“The Locals Hate You”  and others that can’t be printed in a family newspaper), was the ultimate disgrace. In this country we advocate freedom of speech but we do have to be mindful of what is offensive, especially to our children who can read! How could this possibly be beneficial in welcoming new residents or tourists to this island?

G. Valentino
Long Island, NY