Happy 21st Birthday Fort Myers Beach and New Year!


The Town of Fort Myers Beach enjoyed a beautiful sun-splashed day to celebrate its 21st birthday, before the community rang in the New Year with a fantastic fireworks extravaganza.

The annual distribution of 1,000 cupcakes kicked off festivities at Noon, augmented by 300 cookies donated by Beach Brew & Bakery.

Times Square rocked with live music, though “Remedy” performed to a sparse crowd near 5 p.m. With “High Tide” on stage closer to 11 p.m., though, Times Square was shoulder-to-shoulder.

Fort Myers Beach had a fine crowd but nowhere near as full as Christmas Day. Sunset was striking, as was the year’s final night, with the crescent moon, brilliant Venus, and ruddy Mars hanging low in the western sky over the pier.New Years Eve Sunset, by Michele Kalka, fort myers beach

While the day reached the mid-70s, the night was cool, leading to all types of fashion, from hardly-anything-on-at-all sleek to winter coats with scarfs.

Illuminated lanterns filled the sky, intermingling with the sensational star-filled night. The late-arriving crowd finally filled the beach and Times Square by 10 p.m.

town of fort myersbeach new years eve, fort myers beach 21st birthday
Times Square at night was shoulder-to-shoulder.

The Town’s new LED beach ball was freaky and cool, and fireworks at Midnight simply magnificent, thrilling young-&-old alike!

At 5 minutes to 2, I caught the last trolley off the island at the bargain rate of just 75 cents, dropping me directly across from my parents’ where I safely spent the short night.

Happy 21st birthday, Fort Myers Beach, and Happy New Year!


Gary Mooney

Photos by Michele Kalka